‘Stop feeding flower-eating pigeons’ in Caldecott Park say Rugby Borough Council

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PLEASE refrain from feeding the pigeons - they are now starting to eat the flowers.

Those are the words of Rugby Borough Council, which has launched a crackdown on feral pigeons plaguing Caldecott Park and eating its floral displays.

A sign has gone up at the beauty spot asking people not to feed the pigeons.

The council said it has noticed large piles of bird seed in the park which are attracting the pigeons.

Sean Lawson, head of environmental services, said: “The size of a pigeon flock is dictated by the extent of food available.

“By asking people not to feed the pigeons we hope this will restrict the pigeon population, which will also help to prevent damage to the flowers.

“This is a far more humane way of controlling the pigeon population.”

But animal rights campaigner Janet Cummings believes the council should “stop blaming the highly intelligent pigeon”.

She said: “If we were to start the blame game, every living species could be banned from the park.”