Stroke victim Carol is now sitting comfortably thanks to specialised chair

The couple with the new chair.
The couple with the new chair.

A Daventry woman who suffered a major stroke has been given a lifeline.

Carol Wilson was left with weakness in her left side after health problems in October.

A normal day for Carol was spent lying in bed away from her husband Barry, or sitting in a wheelchair and being very uncomfortable.

Her daughter, Nicola, wanted to improve her mum’s quality of life and so she got in touch with Seating Matters, who supply specialised chairs.

Now Carol has a new chair and her family have already noticed a big difference in Carol, they said.

She has been reunited by Barry’s side in her new chair in the family living room and she can easily adjust the chair herself.

Nicola said: “The chair supports mum and she is able to tilt it herself, so during the day she can go for a snooze in it and still be comfortable.”

The family said Carol’s new chair had made her a part of the household again.

Mr Wilson said: “I’m ever so glad we got it for her, she looks very happy.”