Students from Provost Williams CE School in Ryton cook up cash prize in tasty competition

food school
food school

Students from Provost Williams CE School in Ryton got their teeth into a food competition and won £100.

They took part in the Food for Life Partnership Warwickshire Schools Create a Meal project.

Children had to design and create a meal that was not only tasty, but also balanced, nutritious, using local, seasonal and freshly prepared ingredients where possible.

Provost Williams won the Key Stage I prize for their ‘Vegetable Jumble’ and pear crumble pudding.

The finalists cooked their meal on board the ‘Cooking Bus’, located at Garden Organic’s, Ryton Gardens last week.

Ella Billiald, Provost Williams’ FFLP lead and class teacher, said: “The children were really enthusiastic about cooking and growing food and our vegetable jumble, which we designed as a lunchtime snack for Shrek, fitted perfectly into the curriculum and of course the children loved it too.” Commissioned by Warwickshire County Council’s Public Health service two years ago, FFLP has run pilots with specific local schools and caterers, but is extending to all schools in the county as part of its strategy to tackle childhood obesity.

Fran Poole, Health Improvement Performance and Commissioning Lead for Warwickshire County Council’s Public Health service said: “By working with schools to improve children’s understanding of food and giving them opportunities to grow and cook real food, the schools engaged with FFLP are equipping children and young people with key skills to cope in our increasingly obesogenic environment.”

FFLP will continue to support schools and caterers with their food education.