Students ‘vote’ to leave EU

York House students in London.
York House students in London.

York House students at Harris Church of England Academy in Rugby held their own EU mock referendum in the run up to the big day last week.

They discussed the views of the stay or leave campaigns and pupils stood in each group to be elected as a mini member of Parliament.

As students from Year 7 to 9 elected their MMP’s to represent both sides of the argument, the battle commenced.

Teachers said the debating arena mirrored that of the House of Commons in Parliament with opposing MMP’s delivering their speeches and inviting questions.

William Glendon-Doyle, Head of York House, said: “With the audience aged between 11 and 15, it was enlightening to see how engaged they were on political matters that would normally only concern adults.

“The MMP’s had the opportunity of meeting the MP for Rugby, Mark Pawsey.”

Students voted in favour of the ‘leave campaign’.

“To reward the MMP’s and their key political aides for all of their hard work and effort, we travelled to London to visit the Houses of Parliament on what “The students entered through the doorway reserved for MP’s as they attend session. As the famous green leather benches came into view, the students’ excitement jumped with the prospect of seeing the speaker’s chair and standing where the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition stand during political debates.”

They also visited Buckingham Palace, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, St James’ Palace, Piccadilly and many more landmarks.