Stuntman Sam brings skills and thrills to Rugby

Sam Durrani has worked on Hollywood blockbusters with Brad Pitt and Samuel L Jackson
Sam Durrani has worked on Hollywood blockbusters with Brad Pitt and Samuel L Jackson

Martial artist Sam Durrani has pulled a few daredevil stunts in his time.

The Newbold stunt performer is no stranger to jumping from tall buildings and even being set on fire - all in the name of his work.

He impresses with his gymnastic, martial arts and acting skills and has worked with the likes of Samuel L Jackson and Brad Pitt.

Sam, 23, who has travelled the world working on different films, said: “I’ve worked on The Dark Knight Rises, World War Z starring Brad Pitt and I’ve just finished working on Tarzan the Untamed with Samuel L Jackson.

“I’ve been set fire to, jumped from buildings, but it’s the smaller stunts that are more tricky.”

The former Ashlawn School pupil insists he doesn’t get scared.

“I love my job,” he said.

“It’s so exciting and I’ve had no major injuries – yet.”

Sam said his parents Angela and Khurshid have always been supportive of his unusual choice of career, which sees him perform on stage and screen.

“They’re pleased for me,” he said.

“I don’t think they worry too much about me hurting myself. I did injure my shoulder once, but I have been very lucky.”

Sam started as a gymnast with the Rugby Gymnastics Club which gave him a solid foundation to go into martial arts.

He is a rare talent as he can act and perform stunts and featured recently in Sky’s successful fantasy drama Sinbad.

“There have been many highlights, but it’s not as glamorous as people might think,” said Sam, who has also appeared on television’s Atlantis and Da Vinci’s Demons.

“We have to film in all weathers and all conditions. The costumes are not always suitable for the weather and I can be boiling hot or freezing cold.”

Sam is now launching kickboxing lessons at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Centre in Rugby.

He said: “I’m just running small group sessions and one-to-one sessions for four to five weeks only.”

Classes will run every Thursday, from 7pm-8pm.

“I’m also a qualified fitness gym instructor, gymnastics instructor, spin and aqua instructor, rock climbing teacher, parkour instructor and scuba dive master,” said Sam.

“Apart from scuba diving, I’m set up to teach anyone who is wanting to learn some or all of these skills.” He added: “I’m looking forward to the sessions at the leisure centre and hope they will be well attended.”

For more information or to see videos of Sam in action visit Telephone 07506 731102 to find out about the lessons.