Summersault pioneers looking to retirement after 27 years

The pioneering couple who encapsulate the spirit of independent thinking in Rugby town centre are now looking ahead to their next step.

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 10:35 am
Updated Thursday, 14th April 2016, 10:38 am
Eileen and Mike Jeffs NNL-161204-152555001

When Eileen and Mike Jeffs opened Summersault in 1989 there was nothing quite like it on the scene and 27 years later it is still something delightfully different.

Generations of Rugbeians have come to love their commitment to high quality food, drink and gifts, with many a meat-eater happy to go there and be meat-free.

But now the couple have decided they want to prepare for their retirement and a sign has gone up announcing the restaurant is for sale or to let.

It’s business as usual for now but Mike said: “It’s on the market and we’re looking to retire, so we’re looking for someone to come and take over the building.

“Not to run Summersault, because when we walk out the door Summersault goes with us. So we’re looking for somebody to run something equally as good as Summersault, but different.

“We’ve done 27 years and that’s an incredibly long time for somebody in the restaurant business, probably three times the average.

“I never imagined when we opened we would be here this long.

“Eileen and I have started to cut down our hours but until we did we were doing 80 or 90 hours a week.”

The prospect of retirement also offers the prospect of getting to see their eldest son who now lives in America.

Mike added: “There is not time to go while we’re here – we’ve never had longer than three days off in those 27 years.”

As well as catching up with family they are also keen to catch up on the DIY at their home, which has also taken a back seat to the business.

But Mike remains proud of what they have achieved in terms of that business and the care they’ve taken of the building – believed to be one of only three original Boots shopfronts left in the country.

So retirement will only begin when they see the right person come along to take on this very special place.