Support flowing for new blood taking unit at St Cross

Tony Cousins, Mike Bowness and Willy Goldschmidt
Tony Cousins, Mike Bowness and Willy Goldschmidt

Clubs and groups around Rugby are continuing to show their support for the Friends’ Diamond Jubilee Appeal.

The Railwaymen’s Club, in Hillmorton Road, has donated £618 to help fund the new phlebotomy unit at St Cross.

Mike Bowness, club secretary, said: “The committee is always keen to support local health charities and is delighted to support the Friends Diamond Jubilee Appeal.

“Many members of the club regularly attend the blood taking service at St Cross and look forward to the improvements that the new department will provide.”

The new unit will be built inside the former Hawthorn Ward with a dedicated entrance direct from the car parking area which is currently used by volunteers.

It will house eight cubicles - double the current number - with an adjacent waiting room to improve the flow of patients and reduce waiting times.

Tony Cousins, vice president of the Friends, said: “The facilities will allow the staff to treat urgent cases and children separately.

“We believe that this will lead to a much better patient experience of a service which is used at least 60,000 times a year.”

A 21-year-old has also supported the appeal by donating the bar’s profits from her birthday party.

Eleanor Gordon, the goddaughter of Friends Fundraising Committee chairperson Tracey Lennard, asked for the money made at the Castle Keep pub to be donated to the Friends as her mother, Julie, is on the fundraising team and has helped out at numerous events.

Tracey said: “Julie has helped at various events and made some delicious cream teas for us at last year’s Flower Power event.”

Tracey and the fundraising team are now making the final arrangements for the sold out Scenic Cruise on August 30.

They are also making plans for the Saturday Luncheon and this year’s Flower Power event. Tickets are available and more information can be found at or on the Friends’ Facebook page.

The Friends of St Cross has also donated new equipment to the hospital.

A pair of two-section adjustable physiotherapy couches have been delivered to the Out Patients clinic at the hospital.

They are an improvement on the existing equipment as they are fitted with a twin lift design which ensures maximum stability when the couches are raised and lowered.