Survey: Rugby people sadder than Daventry but happier than Coventry

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PEOPLE in Rugby are less 
satisfied with their lives than those in nearby Daventry, 
according to new figures.

The Office of National Statistics has published the first findings of its ‘happiness survey’, which asked 165,000 citizens to rate their emotional wellbeing on a score of 1 to 10.

The average score for ‘satisfaction’ in Warwickshire is 7.24. This is below the national average of 7.41.

But those living just across the border in Northamptonmshire are more satisfied than most, with an average score of 7.51. And both counties are more pleased with their lot than those in Coventry, who scored an average of 7.09.

A slightly different pattern emerges in terms of how ‘worthwhile’ we believe our lives are. Warwickshire scored 7.36, below Northamptonshire at 7.81 and the county of the West Midlands at 7.39. The national figure is 7.66

The survey also asked how happy people felt the day before they were surveyed. Warwickshire scored 7.19, above the West Midlands (7.04) but below Northamptonshire - which, with a score of 7.28, is in line with the national average.

But Warwickshire folk appear less anxious than those in neighbouring counties. They rated themselves at 3.03 - below the West Midlands (3.06) and Northamptonshire (3.56). The figure is 3.14 across the UK as a whole.

The exercise was carried out at the request of David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who wants such data to affect government policy.

It found that people who live on Orkney, the Shetland Islands and the Western Isles are the happiest, with people in Blackburn, Lancashire the least happy.

The young and the old were discovered to be the most content with their lot, with the middle-aged the least satisfied.

But the survey, which cost £2 million, has been derided by some. Shadow cabinet office minister Michael Dugher described it as “a statement of the bleeding obvious.”