Talented Rugby director premieres pilot of new show in LA

Nick Brown and Josh Frackleton
Nick Brown and Josh Frackleton

A talented comedy director and producer has premiered the pilot of his new sketch show in Los Angeles.

Nick Brown, 24, from Rugby, and his co-director and producer Josh Frackleton crowd-funded their new show, South Canada, and premiered the television pilot at The Crest Theatre in Los Angeles on November 14.

In October last year, the duo walked around Los Angeles wearing nothing but Speedos in the hope of raising £10,000 for the project by getting an investor’s name tattooed on Nick’s bottom. Although the unusual mission never reached its climax, the pair have now achieved their dream.

“The vision for South Canada was to create something that was much bigger than ourselves,” said Nick, a former pupil at Dunchurch Junior School and Ashlawn School.

“We had dabbled in the web-video space, but it is just so incredibly oversaturated with videos that are cheap and easy, both in production value and in the quality of the comedy.”

In early 2014 the pair assembled a weekly writing group, compiled of friends and fellow comedians and improvisers. After compiling close to 75 written sketches, the group whittled it down to a 30-minute episode. After over a year of hard work, private fundraising, and juggling the complicated schedules of a dedicated and talented cast and crew, Nick and Josh excitedly shared their pilot last week.

“From the moment we conceived of creating this show, hosting a premiere was always an integral part of the process,” Nick said. “We wanted to create an event that we could always work towards, that would not only keep us focussed but also give us an opportunity to celebrate our cast and crew, many of whom worked completely for free.

“Not to mention, there is something inarguably special about seeing your own work on the big screen,” Nick added.

The main players in the South Canada troupe are compiled of Nick Brown, Josh Frackleton, Brian Geiger, Lori Pasqualino, Christina Wren, Evan Fonsecca, Robbie Goodwin, and Ant Simpson.