Tanks for the memories


PUPILS turned up at Avon Valley School’s prom night in style on Friday - arriving in a massive Army tank.

Staff and students could not believe their eyes as the tank rolled up outside the Newbold Road school and around half a dozen pupils clambered out.

The unusual mode of transport was arranged by Rhiannon-Jade Deakin’s Father Chris.

She had her heart set on the tank after first seeing it two years ago.

Chris, who lives in Rugby, said: “The tank really did steal the show, nobody could believe it when they saw it pull up.

“Rhiannon-Jade was set on the idea of having the tank as soon as she saw it.”

He added: “As it was her special night we thougt we’d treat her.”

“I work for the guy who supplied the tank. I don’t even want to say how much it cost, but it was worth it.”

Chris said 15-year-old Rhiannon-Jade and all her friends were thrilled with the experience.

“Prom nights are getting to be really big business, like they already are in America,” he said.

“My Daughter absolutely loved arriving for the evening in a tank. It’s not something you see every day and added a twist to the night!”