Teamwork in Rugby town centre is ‘beating shoplifters’

Feature on Bid - Rangers
Feature on Bid - Rangers
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RUGBY is winning its battle against shoplifters, according to the people in charge of the town centre.

Rugby First, supported by its CCTV control room, rangers and the police, claims the town is doing better than many across the country in deterring and catching thieves.

Aftab Gaffar, director of operations at Rugby First, said: “We have 24 hour town centre CCTV coverage, highly trained rangers, a fantastic working relationship with Warwickshire Police and a variety of other crime prevention initiatives to help deter, detect and detain shoplifters.

“We continue to remain one step ahead of this criminal element and our message to them is - if you choose Rugby for your shoplifting activity you are being watched, you are not welcome, you will be caught and there will be zero tolerance.”

Recently Rugby First help catch and arrest two thieves stealing thousands of pounds worth of meat from Marks and Spencer over several weeks.

Marks and Spencer staff altered Rugby First via radio link, who then used CCTV in conjunction with three rangers to chase the thieves, while at the same time guiding police to their location where they were eventually arrested.

Mr Gaffar said: “Once again excellent teamwork produced a great result, highlighting just how invaluable the rangers and CCTV system are in ensuring the securing and safety of businesses and visitors to town.”

In the run up to Christmas Rugby First and Warwickshire Police are urging businesses and shoppers in town to remain vigilant.

Anyone who notices anything suspicious should report it to shop staff, rangers or police.