Tesco to clear dumped River Avon trolleys

Tesco rubbish and trolleys in the River Avon NNL-170208-114630001
Tesco rubbish and trolleys in the River Avon NNL-170208-114630001

Tesco has agreed to clear dumped trolleys from the River Avon near its Leicester Road superstore in Rugby after Rugby Green Party called the issue a disgrace.

Rugby Green Party slammed Tesco over what it said has been an ongoing problem with numerous trolleys and litter being dumped into the River Avon for over seven years.

Mark Summer, of Rugby Green Party, said: “It is clear that Tesco is making no effort to put in place a permanent solution to the problem of junk from the store.

“The fact that it holds an iconic part of our heritage in such disregard belies Tesco’s claim to be a community-minded company.”

Roy Sandison, also from the Rugby Green Party, said the group was ignored when it tried to contact the manager of the superstore in 2010 to arrange a meeting over the litter and trolleys.

Mr Sandison said there are many ways Tesco could solve the problem.

He said: “The trolleys could be coin operated - if people have a pound in the trolley they are less likely to dump it in the river. There could be members of staff on duty to find discarded trolleys and litter. CCTV could be used to monitor the area near the river.”

The Advertiser approached Tesco for comment and received the following reply from a spokesman: “We are sorry to hear about the abandoned trolleys and have immediately arranged for them to be collected and returned to our Rugby superstore.

“We will also be working with our store to review the situation and ensure the issue is resolved going forward.”

A spokesman for Rugby Green Party said: “That’s excellent news - Tesco is taking the issue seriously after seven years - we will be thanking them for taking action.

“We will still ask for a meeting with the manager as we don’t want a repeat of these problems in the future.”