The cost of filling up your car in Rugby

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PETROL prices at the pumps are at an all time high and could soar to £2 a litre if the current Middle East instability escalates.

Recent rises in VAT and fuel duty have hit motorists where it hurts - in their pockets.

In the UK prices vary from station to station so the Rugby Advertiser has tracked down the best deals at the pumps in the area.

In Rugby, Sainsburys in Dunchurch Road and Tesco are the cheapest for both unleaded and diesel at £130.9 and £135.9 respectively.

Motorists in Coventry pay £127.9 per litre for unleaded at Morrisons, Sainsburys Courthouse Green and Canley and Asda Abbey Park and £132.9p for diesel at the same stations plus Tesco Coventry Arena.

This compares to £131.9 for unleaded at MPK, Maple Leaf Garage and Shell Services in Daventry and £134.9 for diesel at Maple Leaf Garage and Shell Services.

The average price for unleaded petrol per litre in the UK for Sunday was £131.38 and £142.9 for the most expensive.

For diesel, the average was £136.98 and the highest was £149.9.

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey said: “I’m a road user and I’m very concerned about the increases.

“The difficulties in the Middle East add to this and I can’t believe we could come to £2 for a litre.”

Mr Pawsey has received a number of letters from concerned motorists in the Rugby area.

Chancellor George Osborne has delivered a strong hint that a 1p fuel duty hike due next month will be scrapped amid fears over soaring oil prices.

He told the Conservative Spring conference in Cardiff that he had ‘heard’ protests from motorists being ‘squeezed’ by rising costs at the pump.

Mr Pawsey added: “What we and the businesses in Rugby need is certainty, particularly the distribution companies who need to set their prices.”