The dog who came back from the dead: Rugby couple tell of incredible rescue

Dave and  Brenda Rickard with Daisy
Dave and Brenda Rickard with Daisy

A dog who slipped and plunged into the sea while her owners looked on in horror was brought back from the dead after being given the kiss of life.

Dave and Brenda Rickard were on holiday in North Wales with their rescue dog Daisy when the accident happened.

We are still in shock, but miracles do happen

Karen Rickard

Also on the break was their daughter Karen Rickard and grandchildren Luci and Oscar.

Karen said: “We were all helplessly screaming Daisy fell in. All we could do was will her to swim, but panic started to rise as we couldn’t get her out and she went under the water.”

A passing boater pulled Daisy out the sea, but she wasn’t breathing.

“His name was Pete,” said Karen.

“He hooked her out the water and drove off in tears. We were all crying and screaming because Daisy had drowned.”

The dog was handed to Dave who quickly performed CPR on the dog.

Karen said: “My folks got to work quickly, pressing her chest, and my mum giving her mouth to mouth.

“Daisy started passing a lot of stuff out of her mouth and nose and my dad screamed “she’s breathing!”.”

The dog’s tongue, which had turned black during the trauma, started to turn pink again.

“We couldn’t believe it when her eyes opened,” added Karen.

“My mum continued with her chest and more water started to come out of our beloved Daisy.

“We were beside ourselves with worry, but just so relieved she was alive.”

The family rushed Daisy to the vets who wrapped her in a blanket and put her straight on oxygen.

They didn’t think their pet was going to make it.

Karen added: “After Daisy was brought back to life, my mum, dad and Luci rushed her to the vets, they passed Pete who was still shaken up and upset thinking my mum was carrying a dead body. He cried again when they told him she was alive.”

The family tracked down Pete at the harbour the following day to praise him for his help.

Karen said: “Words can’t express our gratitude to him for hooking her out of the water.

“Daisy’s alive and none of us can believe it, but good things do happen to good people and my parents are that.

“We are still in shock, but miracles do happen. We are unsure of any lasting damage, but after 24 hours in the vets she’s home.

“It truly was the most horrific experience of my life. Someone was watching over us, I totally believe that.”