The sweet scent of diamond duo’s marital success

Diamond wedding of Ellen and Joseph
Diamond wedding of Ellen and Joseph

A COUPLE who found love on the dancefloor are celebrating 60 years of marriage.

Joseph and Ellen Byerley, who live in Lower Shuckburgh, had their diamond wedding anniversary on Monday.

Diamond wedding of Ellen and Joseph

Diamond wedding of Ellen and Joseph

They marked the milestone with a party for family and friends at Leamington Hastings Parish Hall at the weekend.

Army signaller Joseph, 82, met Ellen, 79, while he was stationed in Belfast.

“I first saw Ellen at a dance while she was in the TA,” said Joseph.

“We went to every dance after that and have never looked back.”

The couple also enjoyed going to the cinema while they were courting and went on to tie the knot at Finaghy Lowe Memorial Presbyterian church in Belfast

Ellen, a nurse from Northern Ireland, made all the wedding party’s outfits and Joseph, a cabinet maker, made the cake stand.

“That’s what you did back then,” said Ellen.

“Everyone pulled together and did their bit as we didn’t have much money. We did treat ourselves to a wedding album though!”

They went on to have five children - David, Ann, Nigel, Diana and Robert.

The couple have nine grandchildren and one great grandson.

They said it didn’t feel like 60 years since they made their vows.

Ellen said: “When we celebrated our golden anniversary we went back to the church where we got married.

“We really enjoyed the visit. It was very emotional.”

They enjoy going out for meals and spending time with family and friends.

Joseph is passionate about gardening and has won a number of awards for his outstanding vegetables.

“He grows me sweet peas every year,” said Ellen.

“The smell fills up the house.”

Ellen has suffered with health problems and paid tribute to her husband for his devotion.

“He’s a fantastic carer,” she said.

“I had to sleep on the settee at one point and he slept on the floor beside me. What other man would do that?”

They said there is no secret to a long-lasting marriage and that they have had their ups and downs over the years like any other married couple. Ellen said: “I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

The couple have received a special card from the Queen.