The system failed my sister Gemma

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GEMMA Hayter’s sister has slammed the authorities for a catalogue of missed opportunities to help protect the vulnerable Rugby woman who was beaten to death by a gang she thought were her friends.

A Serious Case Review into the death of Gemma Hayter, 27, was published this week by the Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board which concluded her murder could not have been predicted or prevented but agencies missed many opportunities to intervene.

Gemma’s sister Nikki Reid said: “It’s devastating to read. For them to do this review and find this out about their own staff is gobsmacking.

“I could tell social services how to do their job because we know what help Gemma needed. They don’t because they don’t have a special needs child at home. They are like the blind leading the blind. They have not got a clue.”

Gemma’s body was found on a disused railway line in Hillmorton on August 9 last year.

In September this year Chantelle Booth, Daniel Newstead and Joe Boyer were all found guilty of her murder and sentenced to life in prison. Duncan Edwards and Jessica Lynas were found guilty of manslaughter.

Gemma was befriended by the group who she thought were her friends.

The report catalogues 23 missed opportunities during Gemma’s life where the authorities failed to intervene and give her the help her family had asked for.

Nikki said: “Just one thing, just one intervention could have changed the whole outcome.”

The report showed that Gemma had contact with agencies 64 times in a two year period, yet no single body had a full picture of what was happening in her life. It also said that doctors claimed there was nothing wrong with her.

Nikki said: “The whole thing is incredible. To see how much contact she actually had with them is unforgivable. It’s negligent.

“I think they will have to do their damndest that this does not happen again because of the outcry it would cause if it did. Gemma shouldn’t have needed a diagnosis if the facts were there. They should have listened to her family.”