The Undateables star Justin Coling from Rugby is looking for love

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He recently appeared on Channel 4’s controversial documentary The Undateables, a show to help people with disabilities in their quest for love.

Although Justin went on a successful date, the 176 mile distance between them just wasn’t viable.

Justin celebrated his birthday and the weekend and hopes his love life will begin at 40.

He said: “I audtioned to go on a similar programme called Beauty and the Beast but The Undateables poached me!

“When they suggested doing another show that was coming up I was really sheepish. When they explained the concept and I knew it was all about dating I said “oh yeah, bring it on”.

Feature on Justin Coling

Feature on Justin Coling

“The rest is history.”

Justin has neurofibromatosis type one, a condition that causes tumours to grow on his skin.

He has undergone 100 operations, but there is no chip on his shoulder, no self-pity.

“When I was told it would be called The Undateables I took a deep breath in,” said Justin, who had never been on a date before appearing on the show.

“I wasn’t sure about it. But the whole point of it is so that people with disabilities can date.”

Justin did go on a date and said it went really well.

“I did ask for someone local and she lives 179 miles away,” he added.

“So, I’m still looking and hope to meet someone soon but my new found fame has been great.”

The qualities Justin is looking for in a woman are someone who is “kind, considerate, thoughtful and understanding”.

“I love snooker and football, nights in and nights out,” said Justin.

“My ideal woman would have to be chatty. Leo is my cat so it would help if she liked animals.”

Ideally, Justin’s date would share his passion for Only Fools and Horses.

“I love it,” he said.

“I’ve got the box set. It’s so funny.”

His favourite colours are blue and red. He likes Queen, RnB and ‘some’ dance music.

“I’m into all sorts of music from 60s to 80s,” Justin added.

A big fan of holidays in sunny climes, Justin is looking forward to his next break in Gran Canaria with friends.

“I’ll have a few drinks, dance and have a flirt,” he said.

“Isn’t that what going on holiday is all about?”

Just knows there is a special lady out there who will see past his looks.

He said: “I want them to see the real me.”

Justin would like to thank everybody who has sent him positive messages since his appearance on The Undateables.

Would you like to meet Justin? Please ring or email Lucie Green at the Rugby Advertiser on (01788) 539971.