THEATRE REVIEW: Stones In His Pockets

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Rugby theatre

Stone In His Pockets

By Alice Dyer

Runs until Saturday

Tickets: (01788) 541234

TWO veterans displayed some of the finest acting I’ve seen on the Rugby Theatre Stage in this challenging play.

Despite there being 15 characters making up the cast of Stones In His Pockets, just two talented men performed all the roles.

It’s clear to see that Neil Morgan and Rob Sloan took on a huge challenge with this witty play, which is centred around a rural community in Ireland and follows the events that pan out when a Hollywood film crew move in to make a blockbuster film.

While Neil took on the character of Jake Quinn and Rob as Charlie Conlon, they then split the rest of the cast between them. But there were no costume changes or leaving the stage for the pair. A quick flash of light, a flick of the digital background screen, a movement or a simple taking off a hat marked the quick turnaround in character. At first it was difficult to get to grips with who was who but with different accents and relationships between characters, it soon become clear.

The play provided the perfect opportunity for Morgan and Sloan to really show the audience what they are capable of.

The speed with which they changed character, the sheer volume of lines they learned between them and simply being on stage, just the two of them, non stop for nearly two hours was incredible.

The huge cheers and applause from the audience at the end said it all.