Theft from cars in Willoughby and Flecknoe

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TWO cars were broken into in villages near Rugby and had a number of items stolen out of them.

The Rugby Rural South police team are investigating the crimes which happened during the early hours of Friday, April 28 in Willoughby and Flecknoe.

The items stolen from the cars had been left in the vehicles overnight.

The Neighbourhood Policing team would like to offer the following advice to help the public protect themselves against vehicle crime.

*Always make sure that doors and windows are locked, and that a sunroof is shut before leaving a vehicle.

*Do not leave any belongings left on display, even items of low monetary value. Items commonly left on display are coats or other clothing, electronic items and jewellery, mobile phones and loose change. All of these have re-sale value and can be the difference between a vehicle being targeted or not.