Thieves distract woman and steal purse outside Lidl in Rugby

The incident happened in the car park at Lidl, Bilton Road
The incident happened in the car park at Lidl, Bilton Road

A concerned husband has spoken out to raise awareness of theft after his wife was targeted by criminals in a supermarket car park.

Frank Davis, 75, from Rugby, said his wife was left shaken and distressed after having her purse stolen from her handbag in a distraction theft.

On Tuesday, December 1, Frank’s wife, who did not wish to have her name published, visited the Lidl store on Bilton Road.

At around 11am, she returned her trolley, got into her vehicle in the car park and placed her handbag on the passenger seat.

She was then approached by a distressed woman, believed to be Eastern European, who repeated the phrase ‘hospital, please’.

The 68-year-old got out of her car and tried to help direct the woman to the hospital, unaware that another person had opened her car door and stolen her purse from her bag.

She only realised the purse was missing on her journey home. The purse contained £50 cash, credit cards and debit cards.

“It was very distressing and she blamed herself for being stupid,” Frank said.

“But I’ve told her, there is nothing stupid about doing the right thing and trying to help someone who appeared to be in need.

“I believe there is a criminal gang operating in this area as this sort of thing has happened in a number of supermarkets in Rugby. We would hate for anyone else to experience this.

“It knocked my wife’s confidence and she didn’t want to go out for a while. But thankfully now she is back to normal but it has made her sceptical of others.”

The couple, who will have been married for 40 years next year, returned to the store to speak to the manager but said they felt he was ‘not very sympathetic or supportive’.

The Advertiser is awaiting a response from Lidl.