Thousands of Rugby people fight for better hospital at St Cross

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Thousands of people in Rugby are making their message clear in a petition - restore services at our hospital.

People want the Barby Road hospital to be restored back to its former glory and have been signing an online petition to let hospital bosses know their feelings.

It was started by Tracey Palmer, who said: “We want them to bring back full facilities to St Cross hospital.

“Rugby is getting new houses every day and expanding and we need a fully functioning hospital.”

So far, 1,832 have signed up at

Julie Sadler, lives in Rugby and has a young baby. She said: “I feel extremely strongly about Rugby having a hospital with full services.

“Firstly, why was the lovely new maternity ward closed so soon after opening - what a complete waste of money.

I can’t remember exactly how long it opened for, but I know it wasn’t that long before it closed meaning all pregnant ladies had to go to either Coventry, Warwick or Nuneaton.”

She said it puts a financial burden on families.

“I chose to have my baby in Warwick Hospital and I was in hospital for four days when I gave birth and this cost £15 in parking, I hate to know how much it cost in fuel for my husband to visit.

“Then when I was pregnant I took a nasty fall and spent an hour at St Cross waiting to be seen. That first hour could of been critical and to waste it sitting in a waiting room was very frustrating.”

Tracey said Rugby is a growing town and needs improved facilities.

“They say that the hospitals are stretched and the doctors/nurses, do an excellent job, are overworked. What do they expect? Rugby, which has a population of 100,000, all have to go somewhere to be treated.”

Andy Hardy, chief executive officer at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, said: “As a trust we remain committed to the services we provide at the Hospital of St Cross. Changes to services have always been made with patient safety in mind and to ensure that high quality and safe care is provided.

“Planned operations, day surgery treatment and extensive rehabilitation services are provided at the Hospital of St Cross. The trust has recently invested £200,000 in upgrading the theatres at St Cross for all major open procedures such as joint replacement and spinal fusions.

“Also in the last 12 months the trust has refurbished the antenatal clinic rooms and waiting area, the dining room and the Rehabilitation Unit, which will be officially opened next week at the Hospital of St Cross.”