Three generations of Rugby family to shave heads for charity

Three generations of a Rugby family will have their heads shave to raise money for breast cancer.

Debbie Dalton and her daughter Maisy, aged nine, will also donate their hair to the Litttle Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment.

They will be joined by Debbie’s mum Avril Cooke, aged 63, of Kingsway.

What prompted Debbie, aged 39, of Plomer Close, Bilton, to shed her beloved locks was when a good friend died of cancer.

Debbie said: “She was in her twenties, far too young to be taken. I suppose I have feared breast cancer ever since.

“But because of the fear I have always tried to check myself regularly.

“Since then, I have known six other women in my life who have had breast cancer with sadly more losing their battle than surviving.”

And when last June she found two lumps in her breast she feared the worst, saying: “After three weeks of agonising waiting to go to the breast clinic, they checked me over.

“Thankfully, with a smile on their face, they gave me the all clear. It was nothing but lumpy breast tissue.

“The relief was so immense I cried.

“A month later, my mum went through the same thing and we found ourselves back at the breast clinic, hoping and praying my mum would have the same good news as me. She did.”

The head shave is scheduled for October 18 at Toni & Guy in Leamington, Debbie’s hairdresser.

Debbie aims to raise at least £1,000 and has set up the donation site