Three more bicycles stolen from Rugby properties


Thieves are continuing to target garages and bicycles in Rugby.

During the night of October 27 into 28, offenders tampered with the integral garage door at a home in Long Furlong. They damaged the wood of the door but failed to get in and nothing was stolen.

The same night, intruders used a crowbar on the frame of a garage door at home in Everest Road and then ‘jemmied’ open the door. Once inside, they stole a dark grey, Cannondale Scalpel alloy 4 suspension mountain bike.

At just after 5am on October 29, the resident of a home in Addison Road disturbed offenders in the garden, as they were attempting to get into a shed. They quickly made off and it was discovered that they had caused considerable damage and had removed bikes from the shed.

During the night of October 19 into 20, offenders stole an Apollo Metis hybrid bike from a home in Bond Street.

And during the night of October 27 into 28, offenders stole a red and grey bike from the rear garden of a home in Lawford Road, Rugby.

Contact police on 101 with any information that may be connected to any of these incidents.