Top dance school in Rugby celebrates 40 years in style

Students prepare for the show.
Students prepare for the show.

The memory of a talented choreographer will live on at Christine Anderson Theatre School’s 40th anniversary show.

Christine’s daughter Vicki-Jo Gurney died unexpectedly at the end of March.

Students get ready for the show.

Students get ready for the show.

They started organising the show before her death and agreed it should be called Time Machine.

Christine said: “Vicki had left lots of notes and my teaching team got together and the results are spectacular with some fabulous routines.”

The first half is Disney - remembering the school’s three trips to Disneyland.

“We have 34 students aged between three and seven years taking part in the show who are adorable,” added Christine.

The second half is called Time Shift and tells the story of a Victorian traveller who invents a time machine.

Christine added: “It loses control and takes him to strange and diverse places in time and we follow his quest to get back to his home to Victorian London.”

She said all her teaching team have been working enthusiastically on keeping the children happy.

“The results speak for themselves,” she said.

“I am now teaching many of my ex-CATS children and find it is so exciting to start all over again.”

Christine said everyone was looking forward to the show and recommended booking tickets early.

The show takes place at Rugby Theatre from December 2 - 5, at 7.30pm, with a matinee on December 5 at 3pm and tickets are £12.

To book tickets for the show, telephone the Rugby Theatre box office on (01788) 541234.

Alternatively, visit

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