Top ghost hunters set to investigate Coombe Abbey, here is how you can get involved

In 1345 a monk was brutally murdered in Coombe Abbey '“ guests have reported strange happenings and now the hotel is inviting the public to join ghost hunters as they search for the supernatural.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 8:32 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 8:40 am
Picture caption: Speakers from last years event including (left to right) Greg Lawson, Robert Murch, Jeff Belanger, Diana Iriati, MJ Dickson, Elizabeth Koert, John Zaffis, Karrie-Ann Versace,Brian J Cano.

Coombe Abbey will be investigated by paranormal experts from the UK and the US as part of a four-day convention.

The convention, named Sage Paracon and now in its third year, will be going ahead from November 8 until November 11.

There will be lectures, stalls, a mediaeval banquet, a ghost hunt, Vampire Masquerade Ball and much more.

The Brinklow hotel is a former Cistercian Abbey, rumoured to be haunted by the monks that lived there, along with other spirits.

MJ Dickson, founder and lead investigator for Sage Paracon, said the group is excited to be visiting the hotel, delving into its past and seeing what they can discover.

She said: “Coombe was the perfect venue to host our weekend as it has never been professionally investigated before so we’re very excited to see what activity we can record at such a beautiful hotel.

“The Abbey has such a rich history but it also has a much more sinister past when a monk was brutally murdered there in 1345, which has become one of the most famous ghosts to haunt the hotel.

“This event also caters for those with a hearing impairment as we will have two sign language interpreters to sign the lectures and the convention will also be wheelchair accessible.

“This is a very exclusive event with only around 100 guests getting some quality time with our well-known speakers and we’re really looking forward to welcoming paranormal fans from around the world for a spooky weekend at Coombe.

“Whether you are a paranormal investigator or you just have an interest in the paranormal, we hope that you will come along for a weekend of all things spooky.”

Depending on the type of ticket bought, the event will include a paranormal investigation led by the keynote speakers.

Attendees will also hear from a panel of investigators and mediums, including Katrina Weidman, co-host of Quest Red’s Paranormal Lockdown, leading Ouija board specialist Karen A. Dahlman, Chris Fleming and Barri Ghai from Really TVs ‘HELP! My House Is Haunted’.

Coombe Abbey has long been rumoured to be haunted, with the Advertiser previously publishing reader-submitted photographs which are purported to show apparitions.

Ron Terry, general manager of Coombe Abbey, said he is looking forward to see if the investigators unearth any evidence of a ghostly presence, especially since some guests have reported supernatural goings on: “It is going to be a very interesting weekend,’ he said. “When the event takes place, but guests should rest assured that they are perfectly safe.

"We receive mixed feedback from people staying in the hotel with reports from some guests of ‘ghostly happenings’ during their stay but then others witnessing nothing at all out of the ordinary. But, with such an impressive history it will be fascinating to see if the investigators can discover anything.”

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