Top marks for St Andrew’s Benn pupil as school steps up its game

Pupil Ysabela Laite with deputy head and Year 6 teacher Jess Wells
Pupil Ysabela Laite with deputy head and Year 6 teacher Jess Wells

A St Andrew’s Benn pupil has achieved top scores across the board in her SATS tests while her peers have achieved some of the highest results in the school’s history.

Ysabela Laite, who speaks English as a second language, scored level sixes - the top score available - in reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, grammar and maths.

Pupils made improvements with their writing grades, with scores up from 48 per cent to 73 per cent at level four.

Maths level four increased from 72 per cent to 85 per cent, while level five reading jumped from 20 per cent to 37 per cent.

St Andrew’s Benn was told it ‘requires improvement’ at its last Ofsted inspection.

“We are absolutely delighted with these results,” said deputy headteacher and Year 6 teacher, Jess Wells.

“This is a most significant jump in our achievement and I am so proud of the teaching staff and the children. The initiatives we have in place, which include looking at pupils’ individual needs and inspiring them with cross curricular activities, are school-wide, so we expect similar, if not even better results as all children reach Year 6.

“We are seeing a huge improvement in attainment across the board, which is most impressive when English is the second language for more than half our children, including Ysabela.”

Chair of the governing body, Alison Farnell, said: “The latest Ofsted report renewed the determination of our whole staff to accelerate the progress we are making and they have now made it happen.”