Tracy’s dream comes true with launch of new coffee shop at estate agent in Rugby

The new coffee shop.
The new coffee shop.

A new coffee shop and soft furnishings department has opened its doors with the expansion of Rugby estate agents Thornton Robson.

It’s call Oliv and sits alongside Thornton Robson in one large open plan shop in Henry Street.

Tracy Thornton believes is unique locally and probably within the whole country.

She said: “It has long been a dream of mine to combine a traditional estate agents and coffee shop but we have gone a step further and also included a soft furnishing department.

“Our concept is being enthusiastically embraced by the local community and although we have only been open a few days we have been bowled over by the level of interest and the amount of kind and positive comments we have already received.”

Every Saturday morning at Oliv there is free cheese tasting with a range of delicious cheeses to take home.

Tracy added: “With the rise of the rather impersonal online estate agent call centre type operations, we want to keep the personal touch.”