Here is our (slightly tongue in cheek) review of Hillmorton's 'roller coaster' junction

Rugby was looking dreary this morning, so we decided to brighten our day up with a thrill ride on Hillmorton's 'roller coaster' junction.

When the stretch of Hillmorton Lane past The Kent reopened on Friday February 1 its rather extreme gradient changes began to take their toll on residents' cars - causing Rugbeians to compare it to a roller coaster and the junction to be shut hours later.

The junction was closed after residents compared it to a 'roller coaster'.

The junction was closed after residents compared it to a 'roller coaster'.

The junction reopened on April 5, and the Advertiser decided to experience all of the fun of the fair by mounting a camera to the windscreen of its mighty 75bhp hatchback and driving to Hillmorton to review the latest incarnation of the junction.

The presence of several sets of traffic lights certainly adds to the excitement, building suspense and anticipation, and reminded us of a few well-known roller coasters.

Travelling under the railway bridge before the ascent added to the roller coaster feel. The fact it obscures the hill ahead means that you're only confronted with the still quite intimidating gradient seconds before you have to climb it. Was the Victorian era bridge built in anticipation of this junction? We can only speculate.

Going up the hill is daunting to begin with, the gradient looks almost impossibly steep, making us reluctant to get close to the posted 30mph speed limit.

The first section of the climb did not end in any bumper scrapes, but the suspension certainly had a wake-up call.

Once the climb was underway our confidence began to build, and we increased the speed to around 28mph, wishing to experience the climb in its full glory.

The rest was quite uneventful if we are honest. Although it is worth mentioning that the way down is a little bit more of a rush, reminiscent of Blackpool's 'Big Dipper'.

Overall, the thrill in this junction is in the suspense - with the ride itself proving to spare our car, but still providing a gradient that many people would probably not want to inflict on their vehicles.