Provisional licence holder attempts to reverse up M6 slip junction near Rugby then gives odd defence

Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.
Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.

A provisional licence holder decided to reverse up the slip junction of Junction 2 of the M6 southbound - and when caught they told the police they did not think they were doing anything wrong.

OPU (Operational Patrol Unit) Warwickshire took to social media in the early hours of April 9 to report that the driver of the Skoda said they thought they had done nothing wrong because they held a provisional licence.

The car was seized and the driver was reported for reverse on motorway and driving other than in accordance with a licence.

Facebook users reacted to the post with bafflement at the driver's behaviour, with one writing: "I swear something these are made up."

As of June 2018 learner drivers have been allowed to drive on motorways - providing the car has dual controls and the lesson is being conducted by an approved driving instructor.