TRIATHLON: From running in Jerusalem and swimming in Scottish canals!

Rugby Triathlon Club

Saturday, 17th March 2018, 5:44 am
Jack de Bokx at the Jerusalem marathon

Continuing Rugby Triathlon Club’s theme of international competition, Jack De Bokx raced in the Jerusalem Marathon in a very warm Israel on Friday.

Leaving everyone else freezing in Rugby, Jack was racing in temperatures in the high teens with strong winds on a tough and hilly, nearly mountainous course. Jack came home in 3hrs 38, a good time for a flat marathon, let alone one with nearly 1000m of elevation and steep climbs.

Closer to home, and in a much more unconventional race, Hywel Davies was racing at the Red Bull Neptune Steps 2018. The event consists of swimming up Scottish canals and climbing up the lock gates.

To make it a bit of a challenge, the water temperature hit the dizzy heights of 3 degrees C. The truly insane event consisted of seven climbs using cargo nets and rope ladders to help Hywel climb the gates. A truly crazy Saturday morning for Hywel, reaching the semi-finals in a very strong field.

In slightly more conventional racing, athletes from Rugby Triathlon Club raced in the last of the Draycote Water Winter 10k series at the reservoir on Sunday.

Sally Baker was first female in a speedy 42:20 and Stephanie Seeley was first in her age group in 49:36. Richard Rawnsley, Martin Moxon and Paul Lee also ran in 43:16, 45:58 and 50:53, respectively.

Completing the long weekend of running, Gregory Ashely raced another two marathons at his second home at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes at the Enigma Week at the Knees on Monday and Tuesday. Gregory is no stranger to consecutive marathon days and these are his last races before he heads out to Kathmandu to run some more.

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