Trip to Sudan beckons for brave Ella

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An intrepid charity worker from Bilton is gearing up for her first trip to the Sudan next month.

Ella Jolly, 24, from Bilton will pack her laptop, camera and trusty pen and paper before heading for the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Sunday. She is a writer and blogger for development charity Practical Action.

Once there, the former Rugby High School pupil will spend around two weeks travelling in the troubled Darfur and Kassala states of Sudan where the charity, based in Bourton-on-Dunsmore, uses technology to help some of the poorest people in the world get out of poverty.

Ella, who will celebrate her 25th birthday while she is in Africa, said: “I am quite apprehensive because it is a difficult country to work in, due to conflict and poverty.

“But I am also really excited because it is a great opportunity to go to a very challenging place and meet beneficiaries of our work.”

Ella will spend her time meeting, filming and photographing people who have benefitted from Practical Action’s work programmes in the country. She will also be advising workers in the Sudan on how to communicate the success the charity has in the country.

Last year Ella travelled to Kenya on behalf of the charity, visiting Mandera, where farmers had benefitted from Practical Action’s work on providing access to clean water, and Kisumu, in western Kenya where the charity had helped improve sanitation and health by building toilets, wells and water taps.

But she expects her forthcoming trip to be much more demanding.

She added: “I be videoing and taking photos so that I can show how the work that Practical Action does transforms the lives of people living in poverty, and sometimes desperate circumstances, through simple technologies such as more efficient cooking stoves.”

Ella studied English at Liverpool University before getting a job with Practical Action three years ago. She writes a regular blog: which she will update throughout her trip.