Two Rugby men escape being jailed after being convicted of growing cannabis

The two men pleaded guilty to growing cannabis
The two men pleaded guilty to growing cannabis

Two men who had more than a third of a kilo of home-grown cannabis between them have escaped being jailed – despite a jury convicting them of planning to sell some of it.

Ian McIver and Fraser Campbell had been arrested after the police found some of the crop in a coolbag in the passenger foot well of McIver’s car.

Both men had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to producing cannabis after plants were found growing at their Rugby homes, along with some of a previous harvest.

McIver, aged 55, of St Andrew’s Crescent, and Campbell, aged 47, of Follager Road, denied a further charge of possessing cannabis with intent to supply it – but a jury found them guilty and they were sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years.

McIver was ordered to pay £1,000 costs – but whether Campbell will have to pay any will be decided after a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act later this year.

Prosecutor Daniel Oscroft had said: “It is clear, we say, that these two were not only growing cannabis but were growing it as a team with the intention of selling it to others.”

“It’s not in dispute that at least one of the defendants accept they were in possession of cannabis, and both had access to large amounts of cannabis.”

They were foiled when police searched McIver’s car when they saw it blocking a road and at his home they found a hydroponic system with 12 cannabis plants, five bags containing cannabis and numerous small re-sealable bags in a coffee container.

At Campbell’s home police found a sports bag with eight re-sealable bags of skunk cannabis, another two bags containing more skunk, a growing tent with a cannabis plant in it, and £2,440 in a safe.

The friends claimed they were growing the cannabis for their own use and not for sale.