Two sisters from Rugby gave birth on the same day at the same hospital

Oliver Willcock with mum Carla and Willow Trezise with mum Louise.
Oliver Willcock with mum Carla and Willow Trezise with mum Louise.

Two sisters, who gave birth on the same day on the same hospital ward last year, held a joint first birthday party for their children last weekend.

Carla Willcock and Louise Trezise, both of Rugby, had their babies just 12 hours apart on July 12 2015 - despite having almost three weeks between their due dates.

Older sister Carla, 34, went into labour in the small hours of the morning - 11 days early.

She delivered baby Oliver at 12.41pm, weighing 8Ibs 3ozs.

Louise, 28, was seven days past her July 5 due date so doctors gave the go-ahead to induce her on the same morning.

She gave birth to a girl, Willow, at 11.20pm later that day, weighing 8Ibs 11oz.

The sisters were put on neighbouring beds in the same Warwick Hospital ward with their mum, Karen Herbert, moving between the two of them throughout the day.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Carla said: “My first thought when I went into labour was that my mum was going to kill me!

“We knew Louise was being induced that day and both sets of parents had jokingly told me to hold on so there were a couple of weeks between the births.

“But it meant they got two new, lovely grandkids on the same day.

“It is really exciting and nice that they share a birthday and they’ll get to be little ‘partners in crime’ growing up.

“They are like chalk and cheese though. Oliver has lots of hair, while Willow has barely any and they’re totally different personalities. But they get on and play really well together.”

She added: “The midwives said it was the first time they’d seen sisters give birth on the same day but we didn’t think that much of it at the time.”

The young cousins celebrated the first of many birthday parties together on Saturday, July 9, with a joint celebration for family and friends.

And it wasn’t until Carla spotted a recent article in a national newspaper that the family realised how unusual the circumstances were.

She said: “I read an article a couple of weeks ago about two sisters in the same situation and it said the odds were 125,000 to 1, which got us talking. It was really quite surreal.”

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