Tyre slasher targets cars

police tape
police tape

Commuters have been left with bills of hundreds of pounds after the tyres of their cars were slashed in broad daylight.

Several drivers who parked their vehicles in Technology Drive, Rugby, on Monday returned to find they had one or two flat tyres.

The road is close to Rugby railway station and Warwickshire College.

One of the victims, school librarian Emily Truslove, said: “My husband parked there to catch a train to Birmingham. When he returned two of the tyres had been slashed with something like a penknife. It cost us £300 to replace them.

“It’s perfectly legal to park in Technology Drive and our car was not causing an obstruction. Nothing can justify someone causing this damage. This is just mean.”

Car owners are also complaining that the wing mirrors of their cars have been deliberately broken.

Trainee accountant Darren Lo, a regular rail commuter, said his car was targeted two weeks ago. “Two of my tyres were knifed and I had to spend £200 on new ones. I don’t park in that road now.

“This has got to stop. The person doing this needs to be caught.”

Anybody with information should contact Warwickshire Police on 101.