Tyres slashed on 15 cars by vandals in Lawford Bridge Close

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AROUND 15 cars had their tyres slashed overnight when vandals hit Lawford Bridge Close on Monday night.

The cars were in a car park that belonged to a set of flats off Lawford Road near Cemex. Residents woke in the morning to be confronted by the site of around 15 cars that had suffered damage, nearly all of them with all four tyres slashed.

The flats’ car park was set to have lines drawn-up on the surface on Tuesday, the day after the attacks. The flats’ landlord told residents they would be fined if they left their car in the carpark throughout the day.

As well as tyres being slashed, an oily substance was also spread across the car park which would have hampered any attempts to paint on it. Because the incident is classed as vandalism, the victims were not able to claim from insurers and keep hold of any no-claims bonuses.

One victim, who did not wish to be named, said: “If this was some sort of protest against lines being drawn on the car park, then why did whoever did it target innocent residents? I can’t claim anything from my insurers and with Christmas coming up it’s the last thing I need.”