Undateables star Justin stands up to bullies

Justin Coling.
Justin Coling.

A Rugby man who appeared on controversial dating show The Undateables has been the target of bullying.

Justin Colin, 43, suffers from neurofibmatosis - a rare genetic condition that causes tumours to grow on his face.

He appeared on the first series of the Channel 4 show where cameras followed him as he ventured into the world of dating.

Lots of people recognise Justin in the street and stop him for photographs.

But he said the reaction isn’t always positive, with some cruel strangers pointing, staring and even laughing at him.

Justin said: “People are usually very nice. They’ll stop me for photos or ask about the show.

“But recently I was on my way home from work and a young family got on the bus.

“The children began pointing at me and jeering. The mum shushed a little girl but when the child called me a monster her mum just laughed.

“She did the same thing again. I explained to the mum that by laughing she was encouraging her daughter.

“I couldn’t believe it. I mean children will stare and say things but how could she support her?

“When I asked her not to laugh she just laughed even louder.

“It was so shocking.

“It was so rude. I couldn’t believe it.”

Just two days later, Justin found himself the target of more distressing taunts.

This time when a child started pointing at him and whispering, he approached them and calmly told him to stop as it was “rude”.

He said: “As I did the young lad ran to his mother and she told me he was only five.”

Justin thinks parents should educate their children about people who look different.

He said: “Life is hard with people staring.

“Ideally I would like people not to point, but I know some kids will point.

“I would like parents to explain not to do that and explain it is not nice and not appropriate.

“People sometimes laugh and it is not appropriate.”

Just said he is still looking for the love of his life.

“My ideal woman is kind, considerate, caring and chatty - just like any other bloke would want.”