Unusual accommodation in middle of village

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GOATS skip happily around a field in a quaint village near Rugby where one animal lover has set up a holiday home for her furry friends.

Sue Glenn is the proud owner of Lil Orchards Pygmies which she has set up within the grounds of her home in Main Street, Willey.

The holiday home for Pygmy goats has got a separate enclosed area with sheltered accommodation, bedding, hay and feed is provided and all in all the animals are treated like royalty during their stay.

Sue has kept Pygmy goats herself for the last 14 years. Not only has she got her holiday guests to look after but also has six of her own to care for - Harry, William, Houles, Jelly Bean, Lucy and Poppet.

Sue said: “I have set up the holiday home mainly as a hobby for also as a small business.

“I was quite surprised by how many people have Pygmy goats in the area.

“They are a bit smaller than a Labrador. They are really cute.

“Now when anyone goes on holiday they can let me look after their goats.

“I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before.

“It’s such a good idea, I wish I’d thought of it sooner. I love it.”

The ‘guests’ have to stay a minimum of six days at Lil Orchards Pygmies, which is DEFRA-registered.

Sue also provides a collection and return service.

So while goat owners can jet off with the peace of mind their pets are being well looked after, the animals themselves can also enjoy a fun-filled holiday in the Rugby borough.

For more information call (01455) 552754.