VIDEO: Rugby cat becomes famous overnight after starring in new Three mobile bicycle advert

A purrrfect Rugby cat has become a worldwide internet sensation after starring in the latest ad campaign for Three mobile.

Bronte the ‘singing’ cat from Rugby can be seen on the new advert produced by the mobile phone company which was officially released on Friday.

Bronte and her owner Caroline Bailey-Read from Rugby.

Bronte and her owner Caroline Bailey-Read from Rugby.

The seven month old cat is now receiving nationwide media attention, has had over two million views on YouTube and even appeared on Australian TV this morning.

Her owners Caroline and Lyndon Bailey-Read, who live with Bronte in Rugby, say they are very proud of their pet.

Speaking to the Advertiser today, Caroline said: “I’m pretty chuffed. It’s quite emotional seeing her on TV when she’s sat next to you.”

Bronte, who was three months old when the advert was made, can be seen sitting in a bike basket with a little girl who is racing down the road.

The girl is cycling along on her pink bicycle to the sound of Starship’s 1985 power anthem We Built This City.

Bronte, whose full name is Simcris Bronte Bronjoy, is singing along.

They whiz past an elderly resident, scatters a flock of seagulls and then punches her fist in the air.

At the end of the advert, she arrives home to her waiting mother as the neighbourhood’s garden hoses squirt water into the sky to herald her return.

The latest advert following on from the moonwalking pony Socks which had around 8.5 million YouTube views.

Tom Malleschitz, marketing director at Three, said: ‘Last year, we were blown away with the runaway success of our moonwalking pony, Socks.

‘As the network built for the internet, we understand people’s behaviour online and know that cute, silly, or unexpected images and videos are what make people tick.

We are very excited to launch this advert and hope it will simply bring a smile to your face when you watch it.’

An app at, allows fans to star in their own version of the ad.

A hashtag #singitkitty has also been launched to go with the advert.