VIDEO: Rugby charity helping to save abandoned pets

Dedicated animal ambassador Sophie Peacock helps save abandoned pets who are destined to an early death.

She runs a charity in Rugby that takes in stray, abandoned and abused dogs - as well as strays due to be put to sleep.

Sophie, who lives in Hillmorton, has been working in animal welfare and dog training since 1997 and runs The Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Society (TARRS) in Rugby.

She said chickens, particularly ex-battery, need homes as well as the cats and dogs.

“It’s my life,” said Sophie, who is a dog warden by day.

“I can’t deny that it’s hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Animals are my life.”

Donations are always needed to keep the charity running.

“Our donated cat food is a massive help as we have been inundated with so many cats and kittens,” added Sophie.

Donations of dog and cat toys, bedding, cat and dog treats are welcome. “I’d like to thank everybody who has supported us,” added Sophie.

Telephone the charity on 07734 442785,, email to find out more about the animals who need homes.

Rugby Advertiser reporter Lucie Green has adopted a cat from the charity.

Ziggy was abandoned outside a vets in the Rugby area just before Christmas.

“We wanted a black cat but as soon as I saw Ziggy I knew he was right for our family,” said Lucie.

“Taking on an animals is a big commitment and it’s not something you should do without serious consideration.”

She said Ziggy, a one year old boy, has settled well with his new family.

“He’s taken a real shine to my partner, Paul. He is still getting used to my boisterous six year old daughter Jasmine!”

Lucie added: “He is adorable and it’s lovely to know we have helped a cat somebody else didn’t want. I’m not really a cat person, but this pussy is adorable.

“Sophie deserves an award for her devotion to animals.”