Village near Rugby launches its own community car scheme

The Braunston community car scheme
The Braunston community car scheme

A community car scheme has launched in a village near Rugby to help people without their own transport, or who have limited mobility.

The Braunston Car scheme gives people the freedom they might not otherwise have to visit friends, attend events and access shops and services.

It’s an ultra-local scheme, operating only within the parish of Braunston.

Cllr Abigail Campbell said: “The Reverend Sarah Brown, the vicar of Braunston, and I are aware of high numbers of people feeling isolated within their own homes in the village.

“The scheme is an attempt to help involve more people in village life.

“Our drivers are all volunteers, and we have an easy to use telephone booking system, thanks to the support of local businessman Garry Haywood.

“Braunston Garage has been fantastically supportive in getting the car roadworthy (it was generously donated by a local resident).

“The scheme has received financial support from the Northants Community Foundation, Braunston Parish Council, All Saints’ Church and local residents.

“The design work was done by Southfield Arts, a design company in Braunston. We’re extremely grateful for the support of Image IT in Daventry in producing the stickers for the car.

“We’re really proud of the fact that it’s a thoroughly local scheme - made by the village, for the village.

“The scheme is free, but donations are warmly welcomed. We’re looking for more volunteer drivers so if anyone would like to find out more about getting involved please call me on 07989 421836 or email”