Villagers make their mark on new Pailton artwork

Rugby Mayor Cllr Tony Gillias reveals the work with consort Jan Owen
Rugby Mayor Cllr Tony Gillias reveals the work with consort Jan Owen

More than 150 people took to the streets of Pailton for the unveiling of the Jubilee Imprint Tile Project.

Organisers said there was excitement as results of the project, funded by Leader, were revealed.

Rugby Mayor Cllr Tony Gillias was at the launch on Saturday, May 17, joined by consort Jan Owen.

The aim was to commemorate the community of Pailton at the time of the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics in 2012 by having a tile with every age and interest represented on it.

Each tile on the display has been designed, made and glazed by families and friends of the village and fired in the kiln at the Old Pottery.

Artist Lesley-Ann French, who lives in the village, said: “One of the older residents impressed her Land Girls badge into her tile while an eight day old baby put his tiny handprint his.

“The panels now adorn walls around the village and should last for many years.”

Cllr Gillias led the procession through the village which was bedecked with flags and bunting and bathed in sunshine.

The mayor was followed by a crowd of children creating a cacophony of sound with every manner of musical instrument and a stream of smiling adults relishing the celebratory atmosphere and community spirit.

“The response to the project has been overwhelming” said Lesley-Ann.

“Even though I was out of action twice, due to illness, the villagers rallied and kept up their enthusiasm and the celebration marks the culmination of all our efforts.”

The procession was followed by a grand tea party in the village hall and later a family barn dance with music from Recursion and led by Bob the caller.

Lesley-Ann added: “Even now new villagers are asking to make more tiles and this project looks like it’s going to keep on growing.”