Virgin Trains are not everyone’s cup of tea

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AFTER Virgin announced this week it had begun court proceedings over the West Coast Main Line contract being awarded to First Group, one rail user has argued that Rugby’s services have got much worse under Virgin.

Many passengers in Rugby, including the Rail Users’ Group, expressed disappointment with the decision. However, Mike Goode, a founding member of the group, argues that Virgin’s attempts to compete with the airline industry have vastly reduced the quality of services from Rugby.

“There’s lots of issues with Virgin that people don’t seem to be talking about,” said Mr Goode.

“For example, there’s far less services than there were about ten years ago, but you wouldn’t necessarily notice that if you just used the train to commute to London or Birmingham.

“There’s much less room for bikes, smaller trains, smelly toilets, less staff on hand and when you compare it to other companies there are also other flaws.

“The last time I travelled with Midland Mainline, for example, I was surprised because I was given free wi-fi and a cup of tea, and that was in standard class.

“Because Virgin want trains going quickly between cities the demands of passengers in provincial towns like Rugby are discarded, so I’m surprised with the amount of support they have received.”