Walking like Egyptians in Dunchurch

Children enjoy the Egyptian day.
Children enjoy the Egyptian day.

Pupils at Bilton Grange were whisked back in time to ancient Egypt as part of their summer topic work.

They took part in a ‘Weighing of the Heart’ ceremony - a ritual which saw a heart weighed against the principle of truth and justice, represented by a feather.

If the heart weighed less than the feather, it was deemed to be pure and free from sin and earned a place in the afterlife, if it was heavy it with the weight of wrongdoings it was devoured by the God Ammut.

Children also learned board games and translated hieroglyphs.

Head of Pre-Prep, Adrian Brindley, said: “Our pupils have had a wonderful day understanding more about Ancient Egypt. This kind of hands on learning is a great way to enthuse the children about the topic and to help them to better understand the ancient Egyptian culture.”