Wanted: homes for black greyhounds

Volunteers and greyhounds from Rugby & Coventry Retired Greyhound Trust
Volunteers and greyhounds from Rugby & Coventry Retired Greyhound Trust

A Rugby-based greyhound rehoming centre is appealing for help after being inundated with black-furred dogs.

Greyhounds with black fur have been much more popular with trainers in recent years, and Rugby and Coventry Retired Greyhound Trust fears they are being overlooked as potential pets.

Though otherwise no different to their fawn, brindle or blue brothers and sisters, potential adopters often prefer to take home a dog of a different colour. Of the 14 greyhounds looking for homes, 11 are black – and volunteers at the branch are concerned about the difficulties they may face in homing them.

Julian Ingleby, volunteer at the trust, said: “Black greyhounds are definitely becoming harder to rehome. Though most enquirers I have dealt with go as much by size, gender and of course temperament, I suspect the very fact that a particular hound is not black makes it stand out from the rest. If it ticks all the other boxes, it’s found a home.

“A few people visit specifically to see other colours when we have them – brindles and blues don’t stay with us for long.”

The charity says its biggest challenge is to help potential adopters realise that black greyhounds are just as loveable and desirable as their more colourful relatives, and that they too make “fabulous” pets.

Julian added: “Colour makes no difference to temperament and black greyhounds look just as gorgeous with their nice shiny coats. Black is the predominant colour at the track so we just have to promote the deserving black dogs to rehome them quicker.

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in adopting a greyhound to get in touch, arrange to call in, meet some of our hounds and learn about the breed as terrific pets.”

If you can offer a black greyhound a home or if you are interested in volunteering at the Trust, please contact Rugby and Coventry RGT by calling 01788 833855 or visit http://www.watchkennelsrgt.co.uk/