Warning after Hillmorton cat ‘loveable Lola’ dies of poison

Lola - moments before she had to be put down
Lola - moments before she had to be put down
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Pet owners are being warned to be vigilent after a cat in Hillmorton died of poisoning while several others have gone missing.

Lisa Costello’s three-year-old cat Lola was rushed to a vets after she quickly became disorientated and began shaking on Sunday October 6. The vets confirmed she had consumed antifreeze, and Lola spent six hours being treated before she was put to sleep after her kidneys shut down.

Lisa, who has five other cats, said: “I knew straight away she had been poisoned. Unfortunatley, I think it’s unlikely it was an accident.Next door’s cat has gone missing and through Facebook I’ve head of a few others in Hillmorton who also haven’t been seen since Sunday.”

Despite it being deadly, cats are attracted to antifreeze because of its sweet taste and smell.

Lisa said: “It’s been heartbreaking for me and my other cats, who are all locked indoors all know something is wrong, they are upset. Lola was a lovely little cat.”

She added: “I understand the last picture of her may be upsetting for readers, but this is my final memory of Lola and I want people to see what thoughtlessness and cruelty can do.”