Warning over burglars “fishing” through letterboxes

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Police are reminding householders to make sure they keep keys, wallets and other valuable items out of reach of burglars who go “fishing” through letterboxes.

The warning comes after he theft of a car from a drive in Fisher Avenue, Rugby.

Detective Sergeant Cindy Stephenson of Warwickshire Police said: “People should make sure things like keys or other small valuable objects are kept well away from the doors or from the window.

“Thieves can be very creative in how they steal items and sometimes use poles, which they push through the letter box to hook up small items such as keys, which they then extract and as in this case, use to steal the car from outside the house. If they get the house keys they can use these to let themselves in and steal property from within the hosue.

“We ask that people think twice about where they put their door and house keys. It is all too easy to drop them on the stairs or leave them on a work surface when you come in, but we ask people to make sure they get in to the habit of putting them down in a secure place where they cannot be seen from the window or from the door.”

There are also a number of products on the market which help to make homes more secure, including specially designed letter box draught excluders. The brush-like devices fit across the inside of the letter box and will help to stop items being pulled through the gap.