Warning over water leak at road junction in Rugby

The flooded junction. Picture by Bill Lewis
The flooded junction. Picture by Bill Lewis

Drivers and pedestrians are being warned about water leaking at a road junction in Rugby.

The problem is being caused by a defective water main at the junction of Wentworth Road and Dunchurch Road.

Ward councillor Bill Lewis said: “On Wednesday last week the combination of the three way traffic lights at the junction and the roadworks at the Gyratory produced traffic chaos on Dunchurch Road. On Thursday early afternoon I visited the site. The excavated hole was full of water and was being pumped out. I was told by one of the persons on site that they were there to backfill the hole and to resurface the road. He was unable to tell me whether the leaking pipe had been repaired. His instructions were to fill the hole and resurface the road so that it could be opened to traffic even if the leak had not been repaired because the permit to set up traffic lights for the work was due to expire that day. A new permit would be needed to set up traffic lights to reopen the trench and carry on with the repair at a later date.”

Cllr Lewis added: Unfortunately, since then after the reinstatement had been completed water continued to run out of the backfilled trench across the junction. I have made at least five calls to Severn Trent over the last two days to ask for details of when they propose to undertake the re-excavation and each time I have been promised a call back but I’ve had none. The county council agreed to deposit extra salt when gritting the road but it was clear that would not be enough to stop the water freezing with such a cold night expected. I have bags of grit/salt which are used by a group of about 20 volunteer Snow Wardens in the ward and this evening I used one bag to spread a much thicker blanket a salt across the junction. Even then, after a while the salt was being washed away by the flowing water. Later, using the county council emergency flood contact number I was able to arrange for road signs to be put up at the junction warning road users of the dangers.”