Warning to pet owners after cat put down after drinking anti-freeze

Dexter, left, and Marlow
Dexter, left, and Marlow

A Rugby woman is warning pet owners after having to have her cat put down when he ingested anti-freeze in what she believes to be malicious circumstances.

Catherine Walker, of Peat Close, rushed home from work on Tuesday (September 5) evening after her neighbour called her to say her cat, Dexter, had been found in their garden struggling to breathe.

Mrs Walker took the six-year-old Egyptian Mau to the vet to be told he had severe kidney damage, most likely caused by ingesting anti-freeze, and he would have to be put to sleep.

She said Dexter became blind and was in ‘agony’ before the decision was made to put him to sleep.

Mrs Walker said she is devastated, and the cat’s brother, Marlow, is already missing Dexter.

She warned pet owners to be vigilant, adding: “there are some malicious people out there.”

Anti-freeze appears to have an attractive smell for cats, but is highly toxic – a teaspoon is enough to be fatal, and simply licking a spill on a drive or grooming themselves after stepping in some can cause serious illness. Cats who are suffering with anti-freeze poisoning may appear ‘drunk’, weak and tired.

Official advice is to take your cat immediately to a vet if you suspect anti-freeze poisoning – treatment needs to be started as soon as possible to avoid kidney damage.