Warning to pet owners as weather hots up

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This weekend is set to be a scorcher but dog owners in Rugby are being warned to exercise caution when out and about with their four legged friends.

Warwickshire Police and the RSPCA have issued some helpful guidance on how best to care for animals in the sizzling temperatures.

The advice includes not leaving dogs unattended in parked cars - even in the shade - as vehicles retain more heat than open outdoor areas and can cause dogs to overheat.

For anyone making a long distance journey with their faithful companion, it is also important to open windows, blast the air conditioning and have plenty of water on hand to keep your dog hydrated.

Anyone who sees a dog in distress in a hot car should dial 999 and report it to police in an emergency. Alternatively, it can be reported by calling 101.

For further information and advice, visit: www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/dogs/health/dogsinhotcars