Warwickshire County Council will stick to current pothole guidelines

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MOTORISTS are being reassured that Warwickshire County Council does not plan to redefine what constitutes a pothole.

New guidelines at Lambeth Council in London have changed the definition of a pothole from a depth of 25mm to 40mm, the point at which councils will fill them in.

The move is aimed at reducing road maintenance costs, with up to 75 per cent of councils said to be considering the idea.

However, Warwickshire County Council does not plan to be among those authorities.

Cllr Peter Butlin, the county’s portfolio holder for highways, has spoken about the county’s plans to maintain the limit of the depth of a hole to 25mm before it sends in repair staff.

He said: “In a county such as Warwickshire, where many residents live in rural areas, it is essential that we maintain a network of safe roads and it is the county council’s priority to do so. We know that residents’ access to their jobs, families, schools and shops depends on their being able to use our roads.

“Nationally, the roads maintenance budget has been cut and, in Warwickshire, we have identified efficiencies in highways - such as our innovative partnership contract with Balfour Beatty and Coventry - but changing the definition of a pothole is not among them.

“The weather conditions of the last two winters have exacerbated the pothole problem with the extreme cold.

Barring the most extreme weather conditions we have made plans for dealing with potholes of 25mm depth.”